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Ark Made AC-1 851799008223 Blessing Spray | 2 oz.
Ark Made AC-10 851799008162 Calming + Cooling Spray | 2oz.
Ark Made AC-11 851799008247 Protection Spray | 4oz.
Ark Made AC-12   Complete Spray Set with Acrylic Stairstep Display
Ark Made AC-2 851799008209 Warrior Spray | 2 oz.
Ark Made AC-3 851799008131 Earth Magic Spray | 2 oz.
Ark Made AC-4 851799008193 Manifestation Spray | 2oz.
Ark Made AC-5 851799008148 Sacred Dreams Spray | 2oz.
Ark Made AC-6 851799008216 Healing Wisdom Spray | 2oz.
Ark Made AC-7 851799008179 Calming Spray | 2oz.
Ark Made AC-8 851799008186 Divine Feminine Spray | 2oz.
Ark Made AC-9 851799008155 Love + Comfort Spray | 2oz.
Ark Made BA-1 851799008384 Spirit Soothing Bath Salt Bottle
Ark Made BA-2 851799008360 Harmonious Magic Bath Salt Bottle
Ark Made BA-3 851799008421 Positive Vibes Bath Salth Bottle
Ark Made BLK 851799008124 Black Salt Packet
Ark Made CB 851799008087 Cleansing Bundle
Ark Made CC   Cutting the Cord Crystal Smudge Kit
Ark Made CFR-J   Jade Facial Roller
Ark Made CFR-O   Obsidian jFacial Roller
Ark Made CFR-RQ   Rose Quartz Facial Roller
Ark Made CHVNPACKAGE   Crystal + Herb Vial Necklace Set - 3 of each design (18 pieces total)
Ark Made CR-BOHO 851799008551 Bohemian Summer Crystal + Essential Oil Roller - Bergamot + Carnelian
Ark Made CR-DD 851799008520 Deeply Devoted Crystal + Essential Oil Roller - Rose, Cardamom, + Rose Quartz
Ark Made CR-FS 851799008544 Free Spirit Crystal + Essential Oil Roller - Orange, Lavender, + Amethyst
Ark Made CR-HS 851799008568 Holy Smokes Crystal + Essential Oil Roller - Palo Santo + Quartz
Ark Made CR-JB 851799008537 Jubilee Crystal + Essential Oil Roller - Sweet Marjoram + Aquamarine
Ark Made CR-PKG   Crystal + Essential Oil Roller Display Package: Includes 3 Rollers of Each Scent, 1 Tester for Each Scent, and an Agate Slice for Display
Ark Made CR-Tester   Crystal + Essential Oil Roller Tester
Ark Made CVN 851799008629 Calming Crystal + Herb Vial Necklace | Amethyst + Lavender